Fear in a Gas Can


Contrary to popular wisdom, courage is not what actually conquers fear. Courage is simply the absence of fear.

If your heart was a gas can, fear would be gas and courage would be the remaining air space. As the gas is poured out, the air space increases. Courage, then, is simply the substance left remaining in the “tank,” so to speak, as fear is removed.

It’s Already Been Broughten

Not Another Teen Movie is the epic tale of a rag-tag group of high school cheerleaders trying to win a cheer competition. In the movie a rival cheerleader challenges protagonist cheer-captain, Priscilla, to “bring it on.” Priscilla’s response, “It’s already been broughten!” silences her opponents and spurs her squad on to victory.

Likewise the kingdom of God has already been broughten. God released everything he will ever give you when Jesus went to the cross. By the way, do not see Not Another Teen Movie. It’s terrible.

The Cross: Nexus of the Universe

The Corner of 1st and 1st

Jesus’s death on the cross is the pivotal moment in history for us all. If the cross had a street address it would be the corner of 1st and 1st, the place Cosmo Kramer refers to as “the nexus of the universe.” Everything in history after Adam’s first sin pointed toward the cross. Everything since has looked back to the cross.